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Gantry 4 Framework
HTML5 and CSS3
  • Smart Home Building Blocks

    AngelBlocks are a cost effective, comprehensive set of wireless building blocks that work together to make your home smart, securing your property, protecting your family, and making your life easier and more comfortable.
    AngelBlocks can communicate 1000 feet indoors and 2 miles outdoors and operate for 5 years from a set of batteries: they are a truly unique approach to smart home technology.
  • Long Range Wireless

    The secret to AngelBlocks' success is their long range wireless performance. Thanks to a new proprietary technology called LoRa, AngelBlocks can communicate 1000 feet inside and 2 miles outside.
    LoRa uses very little power, allowing AngelBlocks to operate for 5 years on a single set of AAA batteries
  • Comprehensive Solution

    AngelBlocks form a comprehensive smart home solution. With an unprecendented array of sensors and the ability to control lighting and appliances, lock doors, turn water flow on and off, and much more, AngelBlocks work with all of the things in your home, giving them intelligence so they can work together for you.
  • Integrated Solution

    AngelBlocks absorb existing home automation technologies, allowing you to leverage your existing investment in home automation technologies.
    They support WiFi and Ethernet technologies such as WeMo, Philips Hue, RadioThermostat, and IP Cameras.

    Zigbee and ZWave devices are also supported thanks to our AngelBridge adapter.

    Lastly, AngelBlocks can integrate with existing cloud based technologies such as NinjaSphere and NinjeBlocks.
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